Bliss Hair – my choice to revitalize damaged hair!

Let me begin by telling you something you probably knew: the hair is the first thing a person notices about another person. Healthy hair contributes greatly to a good first impression for those around us.

Before using this lotion I had fine hair and very damaged due to repeated dyeing and to be honest, I never cared for properly taking care of it thinking that regenerates itself. Some time ago I noticed that the hair is really damaged and started falling in an alarming rate. Of course I started using all sorts of homemade masks then turned to commercial products each one more expensive than the other. Nothing worked until I read an article on another blog about this product. I decided to try it and I’m still amazed by the surprisingly rapid and beneficial effects that Bliss Hair has had on my hair.

 I will explain step by step what this product is and I will try to make a detailed description for those of you who are interested to return the life your hair damaged or to provide the nutrients needed for rapid growth.

What is Bliss Hair made of? What are the benefits of regularly using of this product?

This lotion is designed for the use of  both women and men and even children because it does not cause allergies or other side effects due to the unique composition of natural ingredients.

I searched a leaflet ingredient and did not find anything concrete, not even in the box it came packed but I will try to elaborate the list submitted by the manufacturer on the official website. Basically it goes without saying that the effectiveness of these products is ensured by the proportions of active ingredients, so I was glad to hear that this lotion does not contain chemicals or other synthetic compounds being entirely composed of herbal infusions that help regeneration and healing , minerals, herbal extracts, plant extracts, vitamins, proteins and essential oils. I think the only minus for this product is the approach to ingredients, I’d rather know which exact plants are used, which are the vitamins and the essential oils. However I risked to buy this product and I’m glad I did it. However I intend to call a representative Bliss Hair and ask him to send me a copy of the prospectus. As soon as I can I will post it here to enlighten us about it.

The benefits of this lotion are really satisfying even for the most skeptical because one product can really help solve the problem on several fronts such as sanitizing the scalp, providing an antiallergic action and antifungal even on sensitive scalp, moisturizes hair of from root to tip while normalizing the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, so I solved the problem of daily washing due to increased production of sebum making the hair look greasy.

Why choose Bliss Hair? Learn how to apply and where you can find it.

 What users say about this product can be found here.

The only aspect I want to mention is that this lotion is an ideal product for those of us who want a clean and healthy hair. I read before using it numerous stories about users who did not have positive results but I think I know what’s the problem, the product should be used regularly over a period of three months as manufacturers say. At the same time I think we should avoid aggressive treatments on hair such as dyeing or straightening it daily. At least to me it worked successfully but I did not interrupt the use because I believe that treating the problem is not enough and the ideal is to prevent the recurrence.

I recommend using this lotion 2-3 times a week, applying it on the clean scalp and gently massage a few minutes. The product does not require rinsing and allows the use of devices and products for hair styling later.

It can be ordered from the official website and manufacturers say that you should avoid purchasing this product elsewhere because of the risk of being counterfeited. Perhaps this is why many have reported other than the official prices and results. Initial price is 318 lei and you benefit from a discount reaching 159 lei. My advice is to buy a bottle first and to start planning to purchase in addition only if you are convinced of the efficacy of the product. Pin this review and return periodically to check if I posted pictures and prospectus or you can even post yours in the comments section if you are already in possession of a leaflet of the product.