Fresh Fingers – The efficient treatment for micotic infection

As the name itself suggests it’s easy to see what am I going to present you in this review. Micotic infection is a known subject, an affection that causes problems to women as it does to men too.On the official page of the product the manufacturers are informing us about this condition also explaining the causes of its emergence, fungi contamination. The contamination with fungi may occur in various places and can be influenced by various factors such as: a deficitary immune system, touching an infected substance or object, using common restrooms, tight footwear or using pedicure intruments that have not been properly cleaned. The symptoms are rapidly visible and hard to neglect: the skin of the foot changes colour becoming white asn course, the nails get staind and start to exfoliate.

How does Fresh Fingers act and what are the main ingredients?

Mainly, the action of this product is anti fungal but, thanks to the ingredients contained it also influences the aspect of the skin. The manufacturers claim that this produc eliminates itching, stops the skin exfoliation and kills the germs and fungi that lead to the development of the micotic infection or the so called athlete’s foot.

Fresh Fingers is an anti fungal spray that contains natural ingredients to be more specific: chamomile extract (Chamomilla recutita), sage extract, Aloe Vera and olive oil. The most important ingredient is clotrimazole, responsible for destroying fungus cells that lead to the emergence of the infection. At a first glance we can notice that the ingredients are common and natural healing the condition and contributing to the alleviation of the symptoms by creating a sterile environment for the skin again.

Chamomile extract has the purpose of stopping the growth of the fungus and alleviates itching; sage extract is famous for its properties of eliminating sweat and mostly for eliminating harmful bacteria that produce bad smells; the rest of the ingredients have the purpose of softening the skin and refreshing it.

Before buying a product like this I do think that is necessary to investigate the type of infection because there are many other possible causes like Cnadida Albicans, where I am not that sure that a spray would efficiently cure the affection.

Customer Testimonials. Is it truly efficient?

Reading numerous comments I had noticed several viewpoints and opinions. This product claims to be efficient in any stage of development of the condition but I consider that in the early stage the result are guaranteed. Once it has further developed it is possible that you have to try a more advanced treatment. I’m not trying to claim that it is not good but we should always take in consideration the stage of development. Altough it contains only natural ingredients it is possible that some of you have some allergies that may interfere with the successful use of this product that is why I advise you to read carefully the ingredients list and also to ask your doctor for an opinion before a purchase.

Great amount of the comments regarding the product are describing positive experiences in which the user have achieved immediate results, that sounds a little unreal. I can see how this product can be and it is efficient but what concerns me is the rapidity of its action. Please take in consideration the fact that a strioct hygiene is required and also a rigurosity in applying the product too as the manufacturers advise: twise a day after the proper cleaning of the affected area.

Beside treating micosis I do think that this product has a proper approach in what concerns the treatment of the skin, as we know estethically speaking there are some changes that have to be taken care of too until full recovery.

If those who are reading this review wish to tell us how the treatment work for them you can do it in the comment section below. It is of great importance that we can beneficiate from honest and real reviews before making a purchase.