Fungalor – treatment for athletes foot

If you reached this page means that I like many others suffer from problems of athletes foot. In your help comes Fungalor, an antifungal cream that promises to successfully treat athletes foot from the first stage of development.

This article is intended to clarify the benefits of this cream and gather as many details and opinions on the effectiveness of this product. It is also worth mentioning that treating mycosis is not an option because it affects several ways: outside being a cosmetic defect, athletes foot is an open door to other possible foot infections.

How does Fungalor work? What are the main ingredients?

I carefully studied the official page of the product in hopes that I will find more details about the functioning of the cream and implicitly a list of ingredients of this product.

At first glance the official website is very airy with relatively few details and a brief description of the effects of the cream. But let’s see what manufacturers say; They say   Fungalor can help you with: decreasing the amount of sweat, eliminate itching, eliminating the flaking skin, destruction of fungal infection and preventing future infections.

Regarding the ingredients manufacturers mention some of them:

  • Climbazole – Eliminates itchiness and has a destructive effect on existing fungal cells by blocking the emergence of new cells.
  • Farnesol – Eliminates foot perspiration and inhibits the activity of bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell of sweat even in healthy people.
  • Vitamin E – Disinfects and softens skin
  • Peppermint essential oil – Softens the skin and eliminates flaking. Gives a feeling of coolness and a pleasant fragrance.

Is Fungalor an effective product? Find out the price this cream!

We know very well that such antifungal creams are available in Romania and they showered us with their unparalleled diversity. But prices make the difference in terms of what Fungalor is concerned. If other types of cream require a long-term regular use that involves high costs, Fungalor is available at a price of 159 RON and has immediate effects to treat fungal infections of the foot.

On the official page and on other pages that advertise this product can be found many user reviews of this cream. Mostly positive and full of words of praise but we will not go into details now because you will convince yourself reading them on your own.

I still have some doubts about this cream. You can not find on the official page the name of the company that produced the cream, some of us may want to check the history of this company in order to determine the level of trust that you should give both to the company and the product. Incidentally another aspect is that I can not find anywhere the procedure to return the product and especially if this option exists.


An important aspect that makes me kind of lose confidence in producers, although it may just be a marketing strategy is that somewhere on the official website you will find a text that sounds like this:  “WARNING: Due to extremely high demand there are a limited Fungalor stock available from 27/01/2017 “, which is of course the current date and time and it automatically changes every day.

Before buying this product you must consider as well the pros and cons, read the comments and maybe ask a doctor for an opinion about the list of ingredients of the product. However as a first step to healing I support the early treatment approach respecting a strict hygiene on the area affected by mycosis.

Write a review of this product! (Customers Testimonials available here)

Although we have access to so many comments about this antifungal cream it does not bother yet one more. It would help to see that comments are posted by real persons who have used the product with certainty and thus contribute to the elimination of impulse purchases made on the basis of good marketing strategy. We expect you to share with us your experience with Fungalor and especially we address a request to those who saw it in the pharmacies to tell us where, all we know at the moment is that it can be found only on websites.